Feeling home

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Home is a pretty subjective concept.  It can be a physical place, a mindset, a feeling.  

Often times, we speak of going home--as in, going to a physical place we call home, where all of our stuff is and often where our loved ones are, permanently.  Frequently also, we refer to home as a feeling--one where we feel (at) home (the physical place) because of the comfort, safety, and love we experience.  This is how I like to think about home.  A place where we feel all of those things, but where it doesn't matter where we are--physically or geographically--because all of the home-y feelings are already there.  Of course, upon returning from travel, it is always nice to come back to that brick and mortar structure and people we are so used to, but even when away, there are ways to experience and feel home.

I have been in Kelowna, BC for less than 2 full days for my YTT (yoga teacher training), but already I can feel home(--in the emotional sense (the physical sense has yet to come, granted I am living in a college dorm).  I am very much a homebody, but I love to talk to and meet new people, so even in the natural sadness and challenges of a new place and people, I am pushing myself to socialize and engage in conversation with others.  As someone who loves being home and who loves being a source of feeling home for others, I know this will help me to feel home more, especially when I need it. 

Everyone here comes with their own baggage and history, but I truly feel that everyone is here with endless support and love and joy to share.  And that helps me feel home.  The dorm situation isn't bad...it's actually kind of fun because I am living and breathing with the amazing community of trainees; it matters even less so because the people here are so kind.  I feel grateful to be around such positive vibes.  

There are just some people in my life where I feel home whenever I'm with them...home is whenever I'm with you.

At the end of the day, home is a feeling (to me).  And when the people emit all of the comfort, safety, and love of your original home, I believe you can truly feel home.

How to feel home (in my eyes):

  1. Be aware of your values and what you value in a person and at home

  2. Know yourself and what you need

  3. Ask for what you need

  4. Take what you need

  5. But also...push yourself out of your comfort zone and the challenges that come with transitions
  6. Get to know the people around you
  7. Give at least as much as you take
  8. Feel home