How I reset + prepare for the week ahead


Resetting for the week ahead can be really helpful.  If you aren't one to do this, give it a try and see what you think.  I always try to start it off on a good night's sleep, buy groceries and prepare my food for the week, but I haven't always done some of the things I will mention below that I am bringing into my routine.

1.  Clean your home (room, living room, kitchen, bathroom...etc.)

2.  Fold your clothing and organize it in your closet and on your shelves

3.  Go to sleep at a reasonable hour and get a good and restful night's sleep

                                                                                       (laundry optional, but clean clothing and/or sheets are always nice)

These 3 things can help you feel like you are starting out fresh.  The week can throw you off sometimes, so why not start on the right foot? It is nice and refreshing to have clean clothing and a clean and organized living space.  It will also limit stress and add ease when trying to find certain articles and clothing and deciding what to wear.  Sleep is always a good thing, and starting the week with a good night's sleep is essential.

3.  Buy groceries for the week

4.  Meal prep

Doing both of these will take off the stress of having to run to the grocery store after work before you can even start to make or eat dinner.  It will allow you to just go home or to your work out or event and easily enjoy your down time and dinner at home that night or breakfast in the morning.

5.  Enter into your calendar your weekly plans--work outs, dinner with friends, meetings

This way you know where you need to be and when and you won't feel frazzled about forgetting or having to scramble to find out the necessary information in the moment.  It will also give you the chance to 1) cancel or postpone any plans while extending a generous window of time for the participating parties; 2) see which nights you have free for relaxing at home or for making plans with friends or fitting in a work out.

* * * * *

If you don't already do these things and give them a try, let me know what you think.  If you have additional suggestions for preparing for the week ahead, share the knowledge.