Ways to stay healthy + refreshed while enjoying the summer (heat)


Summer is here!  It is such a fun season that often has us hosting and going to parties, lounging in the sun, hitting the beach, enjoying more outdoor activities...and so much more!  That said, most of these activities involve an exertion of energy we may not be used to; we also may be drinking alcohol and eating foods we don't usually eat--sometimes we even want to eat less because it is so hot.  We need to be mindful of ways to compensate for this lost energy and nutrient change. 

Hydration is key!  Drink lots and LOTS of water.  Pure water (especially ICE water) is great.  But if you like, you can make detox fruit water to make it more interesting, and in many cases, more tasty!  


So many different kinds of fruit are in season during summer, whose optimal flavors are sorely missed throughout the year.  This means we get to enjoy these uber tasty and healthy treats, now!  They are all quite delicious to enjoy on their own as whole fruits, but, as mentioned above, we can also make detox fruit water, fresh juices, and smoothies.

Listen to your body and rest when you need to!

1.  WATer, water, water!

2.  Fresh fruit - whole, in a fruit salad

melon balls

(can't go wrong with melon balls, am i right?  just kidding, they're just funny to me, but, yes, indeed, they are also tasty)

{ Some of my favorite summer fruits are plums, cherries, and watermelon

... fruit seasonality chart

3.  Smoothies/acai bowls + fresh fruit juice

4. Kombucha

5.  Popsicles

6.  Ice cream/frozen yogurt

7.  Iced coffee + iced tea

Iced coffee is SO tasty, but be aware that drinking coffee can dehydrate you, so be sure to also drink extra water!

{ Some of my favorites: Iced coffee, iced matcha latte, nice and cold Arnold Palmer }

8.  Salad, poke, SUSHI, chips + Guac

9.  Summer cocktails

{ Some favorites: Mojito, (frozen) margarita, piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, rosé, sangria }    

... * personal favorite...Moscow Mule *

10.  Rest and relax, as needed!