Off to Kelowna, BC teacher training!!

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Well, everyone, I'm off to Kelowna, British Columbia for the month of July for an adventure and journey of a lifetime.  I'm participating in a 500 hour yoga teacher training (YTT) with Moksha/Modo Yoga!! 

Beginning my yoga practice...

I started practicing yoga consistently about a year and a half ago, right before I moved to LA.  For a long time, I didn't feel yoga was "my kind of exercise," but when I tried hot yoga, I fell in love.  When I made the move to LA, I knew I had to find a yoga spot where I could feel at home and at peace...I found Modo Yoga (La Brea location) and felt I had found the one.  Since then, I have been practicing there and learning from so many people in and out of the hot room.

What excites me about training...

I am looking forward to growing stronger mentally and physically.  I am so excited for this time of personal growth and for all of the amazing people I am going to connect with and learn from.  

It will be a time of intense learning and focus.  Long days (6:30am-7pm) of training my mind and body.  We will start off with meditation and go onto lecture and 2 asana practices each day.  A little intimidating to go into, but I am so excited nonetheless!  

I'll keep you posted on my journey...share challenges, successes, and advice.

Vegetarian challenge...

I will also be part-taking in their encouraged vegetarian challenge (dairy and eggs accepted)!  I have never been decidedly vegetarian for any period of time, though I sometimes go through phases where I happen to eat vegetarian by coincidence.  I anticipate some challenges, because I love chicken as a protein; but not too many, because I am a big fan of alternative proteins such as tofu, beans, and seitan.  That said, any tips on how to transition and any meals that are tasty and good for beginners are appreciated!

Namaste ॐ