hey, what's up, hello!


My name is Cece!  I am excited to be entering the blogging world, and hope to inspire or at least touch some of you with my words.  My wish for this blog is to create relatable anecdotes of daily life, share experiences I’ve had and am currently going through, and to then pass on advice and insight that I have gained because of them.  Much of the focus will be on my personal lifestyle and how I strive for a life of health, fitness, and well-being--through exercise, food, conversation, and community. 

I aim to lead a well-rounded lifestyle saturated with all things that make me feel like me.  I especially enjoy staying active and filling my life with delicious and often healthy food (and of course indulging as I desire and enjoying tasty, less "healthy" treats!), great company, hard laughs, travel, and memorable experiences.  

I can't wait to connect with you on my blog and my Instagram (@lifecommacandid)!  Let me know what you think of my words and I look forward to learning from your experiences in this crazy adventure we call life.