My name is Cece Nealon-Shapiro.  This blog is meant to share my personal life experiences and the ways in which I strive for a lifestyle of health, wellness, fitness, and mindfulness--all while enjoying good company and delicious food--through the good and the bad.

The name for my blog "life comma candid" comes from the idea that life happens and it should do so authentically and naturally.  I believe that life throws us sunny days and it also throws us bouts of shade.  The good and the bad may feel right or wrong at the time at which we experience it, but things happens for a reason.  Things more often than not work out eventually--through our choices and with the miracle of time.  We may or may not want said event, change, whatever, to happen when it does--or maybe we do--but either way, we can't do much but keep on keeping on...as hard as it can sometimes feel.  Easier said than overcome for sure, but life is candid.  It has no knowledge of how we are doing personally or what we can or can't handle; it just seems to happen.  No filter.  And we just need to do our best to live it--but in a mindful and healthy way.


Commas often get overlooked or forgotten. This is why the word comma is written, rather than the comma itself.  Writing the word helps the comma stand out and allows people to know that it is there, why it is there, and why it exists in the first place.  Writing the word ensures that we acknowledge the punctuation intended; the comma stands out and the world sees it for what it is.  The written word "comma" in this situation is a metaphor for all things important that may get overlooked--including you!  And why should something, especially you, get overlooked and forgotten when it doesn't have to be.  In this busy and crowded world, YOU should be like the written out version of a comma!  Life is candid; be well, be you, stand out.

* * * * *

Life is unpredictable.  There is sun and there is shade.  We make mistakes and we learn from them.  I believe that the ups and downs of life teach us how to cope and continue on, how to do better, and most of all to grow and learn from the good and the bad.  I'm here to share with you the experiences that I encounter, the ways in which I approach and maneuver my way through life, as well as inspire and empower others to get through life in a way that works for them, while maintaining a life of health, mindfulness, and general well-being.